Condo Fire Caused by Cigarette Butts on a Balcony Caused $75,000 In Damages Over the Weekend

Saw this because of a tweet from @canetwork 

Here is a reason to ask is it time to ban smoking on condo balcony's?

Tinder-dry conditions are prompting warnings to properly dispose of 

cigarette butts.

“Right now our conditions are extreme, and it just takes one of those into a

 grassy area, bush area, into a ditch or any area that still has the dead grass

 material and it can spread very rapidly. It’s extremely combustable,” said Tom Karpa, 

Edmonton’s fire marshall.

“I drive into town and I see people flicking them out of their vehicle and they don’t know 

where the (butts) are going, they just bounce on the side of the road.”

Karpa said a condo fire caused by cigarette butts on a balcony caused $75,000 over the weekend.

 He also pointed to a multi-million condo fire in the city’s south end earlier this year.

There are currently 57 wildfires raging in the province, with three pegged as out of control.

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