Bamboozled: Scurrilous waterproofer resilient as a roach

Another hard lesson learned-check the license, check references, never pay ahead and much more…

Like bedbugs or rodents or even dandelions, some things just keep coming back.

This time, we’re talking about unethical basement waterproofing companies.

Last year we profiled the experiences of customers who did business with Aqua-Dri

 Basement Waterproofing and Thrifty Waterproofing, both of which were connected to a 

contractor named Al Demola.

Demola appears to be back.

On Aug. 14, 2011, nearly 6 inches of rain fell in Freehold, flooding the finished basement of Aleta and Jack Heir.

They hired a company to pump out the water.

A week later, another 3.5 inches came down, flooding their basement once again.

“By that time, the news was full of dire warnings about Hurricane Irene, the new moon, saturated 

water tables and a perfect storm of flood conditions,” said Aleta Heir, 65. “Though our finished basement 

was gone, we were terrified of the damage to the home.”

The next day, the Heirs saw an ad for Water Shield Waterproofing of Bridgewater, a company that 

boasted it was the largest in the nation, with 24-hour emergency service.

They set an appointment, and a rep came the next day.

“After a lengthy examination of our basement, he told us that his company could dry the 

basement and give us a lifetime warranty times three generations,” she said. “I commented

 that it’s only as good as the lifetime of his company, at which point he told me that Water Shield

 has been around for 30 years and did $140 million in business in the past year.”