Check out our email from this web client… THANKS

Wow what a great email to get today! Thank you very much!

Good morning,
We live in Western Washington and we are in need of a new deck coating for our wooden deck above a garage.
I found your web site and have been reading it with relish, as it is full of great advice.  I want to THANK YOU for what obviously was considerable time on your part in building your site to educate we in the “masses”.

Obviously our area is not one that it would be feasible to have your company do our little 700 sq. ft. job, however, I just wanted you to know that your efforts are appreciated.
In looking over your material, it seems that something like the “Desert Crete Decking System”, or one that an installer I have contacted here recommended, ALX , is going to be the way we will be going.

I particularly like your quote, “”The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot”.  The person from whom we purchased our house did just that, fixed the front of the house as cheap as she could just to sell, (i.e. vinyl deck cloth), and now after just a few years it shows, leaks, rotted wood and all!!
Thanks again.
Charles M