CCW’s Bill Leys Quoted In Article – Get Paid Faster: 3 Tools So You Stop Giving It Away

Contractors need cash flow-to pay their labor, their materials and to keep the doors open. Our cash flow gets a boost from Square…see how. 

Do you do a million tasks for free, and then wonder why you are not seeing the dollars? Fret no more; I’m gonna help you get paid, and get paid faster!

I have three handy, dandy tools waiting for every situation an entrepreneur faces.

Square helps you get paid on the spot, with a simple credit card swipe and an app on your smartphone.

As I looked for folks who used Square in their work, I was absolutely inundated with business owners who told me how they loved it.

Square is free, ridiculously simple to operate, and small enough to always carry with you; it enables you to take payments in real time, from any customer with a credit or debit card. It’s ideal for situations where you can sell to a person you are speaking with, at the moment the interest is peaked.

Bill Leys uses Square in his contracting business. “It offers my clients a convenient method of payment. One client charged their $4500+ deck repair costs using Square as they didn’t have checks and they could get mileage using their card. I got money in my account the next day. Great for us as I didn’t have to wait for a check to clear the bank.”

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