I try to talk down a online client inquiring about Tufflex…

Client Inquiry-“I was just curious as to your opinion on a product called Tufflex. I have pretty much decided to use it as it seems remarkable and has seemingly the best warranty going. But then I ran into your site so I thought your opinion would be welcome”

Answer-  It's great unless you don't want a cheap water based rubber materials that is vulnerable to UV, need to be painted every year or two max, other wise self destructs within 4-7 years, depending on UV exposure, has no resistance to fire, sharp chairs, table legs, softens/re-emulsifies under rubber mats or tile and is not a recognized code approved roofing/decking material. 

Other than that…it's great. 

If you are in BC, get a Duradek dealer to install your deck system. 
Good luck with your project. Normally I send you back through our payment system as it takes time to write back…$25 is cheap to save you thousands later. https://deckexpert.com/services/deck-experts-advice.html It's voluntary  on this one, but always appreciated.