Tufflex gets realy touchy when a client asked about their product and I gave my opinion and then he asked Tufflex for a reply

A client wrote to us about Tufflex (he's in Canada). 

I told him what I thought of it, this is their (Canadian Tufflex distributor)  reply to the client. This person claims it never needs resealing, is indestructible, never fades…hey c'mon down here to California and I'll show you more failing Tufflex jobs in one day…

Because after all, whatever I say and do is only to make money for myself. 

Well, after all, as Frank Zappa and The Mothers sang “We're only in it for the money.” 

You have Tufflex samples so you can see how tough this product is for yourself.
I started this company based on handling on the best products on the market and we specialize in seamless lifetime eco-friendly coatings.
Over the past 12 years we have tried every urethane coating on the market and hated nearly every one until we found TUFFLEX.
We've never had a deck wear out yet and it is easy to work with and is guaranteed not to fade from the sun like the other solvent based coatings.
When clients come into our office and see the product then automatically know it is the best.

I don't know the source of the comments but it sounds like it comes from someone selling vinyl?
We can't keep up with all the orders from our dealers nor can we keep up with jobs we have sold in Vancouver.
Every year we sell twice as much Tufflex as the year before because the industry trend is away from ugly seams.
People are tired of vinyl as even the best vinyl it only lasts around 10 years whereas Tufflex is attractive, seamless and lasts 20-30 years.
So I am talking from experience and evidence and we ignore negative comments about Tufflex that are obviously not true.
What would you choose if you had the choice give the pathetic options??? Do you know anyone that loves vinyl?

If you have applied Tufflex you should know how superior it is to any other deck coating.
We have a lot of Vinyl guys out there we have taken business away from so don't expect them to say anything positive…
Some of our best dealers are Duradeck vinyl dealers and Tufflex outsells Duradeck every time.
Everyone knows vinyl is easily damages and rapidly dimishes in appearance.

All I can say is don't get caught up in the negatives which may mostly relate to the other solvent base urethane coatings.
Tufflex is thick, indestructible and lasts a lifetime so if you believe this you can sell a ton of it.
If you choose to believe any negative comments then I cannot help you as after 10 years of selling and applying Tufflex we know the truth.
You can view my comments in Red below for what it's worth.

It's great unless you don't want a cheap water based rubber materials that is vulnerable to UV, need to be painted every year or two max, other wise self destructs within 4-7 years, depending on UV exposure, has no resistance to fire, sharp chairs, table legs, softens/re-emulsifies under rubber mats or tile and is not a recognized code approved roofing/decking material. 

This is almost too stupid to respond to however I will – First of all Tufflex never fades and never needs re-coating. Have you ever tried to damage Tufflex – you can't. It lasts for 20 – 30 years – What is left to say???

If you are in BC, get a Duradek dealer to install your deck system. 

This lame comment must be from a Duradeck dealer…!

I have heard of Bil Leys – He has made favorable comments about Tufflex in the past – I doubt he has much good to say about the other solvent-based urethane coatings as they are too thin.
Whatever he says and does is obviously to make money for himself.