Simple error will cost roofer a bundle!

They were supposed to go to 637, but went to 673 because the  address on the work order was wrong…ooops

WOOD RIVER, IL. (KPLR) – Brooke Garner called NEWS11 after a roofing company accidentally removed her roof.

“They were supposed to remove my neighbors, but when I got home my roof was gone,” she said.

All Seasons Contracting did the work.

Company officials said it was an “honest mistake.”

See the video and read the rest here… 


One thought on “Simple error will cost roofer a bundle!”

  1. I find it so utterly ridiculous that they make a mistake like that… I hope they paid fully for the mistake and gave them a brand new roof, I would be pretty pee'd off if I came home and noticed a piece of my home protection was 'missing'. Hell, I'd sue.

    -Adam Ahmed


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