KB Homes Whistleblower Alleges Cover Up Defects on Townhomes in FLA

Saw this on the news alerts I get…badly built decks at a condo in FLA are falling off the buildings and city officials have closed the decks from use…

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BRADENTON, Fla. — A federal lawsuit filed by a former KB Home human resources director indicates the home-builder knew condos at the troubled Willowbrook Townhomes had structural defects – and employees were ordered not to disclose them to home-buyers.

10 News has been covering the problems Willowbrook residents have been having with their crumbling condos. The KB Home construction was done anywhere from two to five years ago.

But the whistleblower lawsuit, Ruben O'Neill v. KB Home, alleged the homebuilder knew about – but failed to disclose – structural defects in their Willowbrook homes before selling them to home-buyers in June 2007. O'Neill claims he was fired after he objected to the company's “keep quiet” policy on the defects.

READ ALL OF IT HERE! http://www.wtsp.com/news/topstories/article/273481/250/Whistleblowers-say-KB-Home-knew-about-Willowbrook-problems