ExtremeHowTo.com Has a Wakeup Article on Composite Decking Issues

An alert from Google brought up this article on composite decking at www.extremehowto.com.

After reading it, I'd be leary of spending big bucks on decking and labor and finding out it isn't going to last as you expected. 
Composite materials are one of the fastest growing segments in the building material industry. Just as new technologies have changed the siding and roofing segments of construction, composite materials are charging into the decking arena.

However, today questions and shortcomings are becoming evident in composite decking (C-D). Everything new should and usually does look great, but problem issues surface when composite decking materials are marketed as a universal cure-all to wood’s specific problems. Rot, insects, warping, splinters, combustibility, maintenance and environmental concern for treated lumber all play into the sales.”   READ MORE AT http://extremehowto.com/a-closer-look-at-composite-decking/

DeckExpert.com strongly urges readers to consider the cons of composite decking against the pro's of solid surface decking systems such as Dex-O-Tex, Westcoat ALX, Desert Crete, DuraDek, Life Deck, Enduro-Kote, Mer-Kote or any of the other Division 7 Pedestrian Traffic Coatings that offer far more. 

Solid surface decking waterproofs the plywood deck and provides a dry area underneath, so it's perfect for decks over living spaces, roof decks, stairs and walkways. Over a properly built frame, the decking with proper maintenance can last up to 30+ years. 

If your considering replacing an old redwood deck or a failed composite deck, consider solid surface decking instead. 

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