From Davis-Stirling, A Reader Wants to Know About Tile on a Balcony…

Yes yes, who pays for balcony damage? Well, I won't wax philosophical on that,

but I'll tell you that we can fix 'em after.See our highest ranking page about tiled decks here



QUESTION: Who is responsible for paying for the deck when the 

owner tiled it without approval? The HOA or the owner?

ANSWER: The owner. However, the owner could have some defenses
 depending on the situation. To minimize any defenses (or avoid the 
problem altogether), boards should adopt written rules and regulations
 regarding the tiling of balconies and then strictly enforce those restrictions. 
Associations should either (i) ban tile altogether or (ii) implement tough
 installation guidelines pursuant to a consultant's specs written specifically
 for the association. In addition, the association should record a covenant 
making the owner (and future owners) responsible for all maintenance and 
damage that may arise from the installation of the tile.

Reprinted from byAdams Kessler PLC

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