Local Santa Maria "Company" Using Someone Else’s License on their Website

I found a new website from a “company” called Nor Cal Deck Waterproofing advertising deck coatings in Santa Maria, serving San Luis Obispo county among others. The license they advertise is a license belonging to West Coast Deck Waterproofing of Los Angeles. 

This company is not licensed from what i could see on CSLB's website and they don't even have a license application pending either. The link above shows the license listing info. 
Watch out for fraudulent license usage and protect yourself by always checking the license out and calling CSLB if you have questions on the validity of a license. 
This person probably won't have insurance or workers comp either-putting you at serious risk of financial liability of a worker got hurt at your home or business. 
What kind of work can you expect from someone using a license number that belongs to someone else as their own? Can you really trust them? You decide…