I got an email from an architect…I mean seriously, architects should know better.

I feel lile Seth and Amy on SNL…really? Really? Really?

They want to know if…well here you read it…the name is left out to protect their identity.
“I came across your website while I was doing research for my apartment terrace.  I live on the 5th floor in a small building, and each unit has a terrace directly outside its living space with ceramic tile flooring (concrete slab bldg).  Most residents have experienced some water infiltration (from their upstairs neighbors into the ceiling of their own terrace).  Based on my assessment (I am an architect), there are several different weak areas that are contributing to the infiltration, and one of them is likely the absence of (or damage to) a waterproofing membrane under the tiles. 
I have used (for a commercial project) a product called Armor Top (by Dur-a-Flex) directly over an interior concrete slab floor to waterproof it.  Both layers of Armor Top were clear, so the concrete showed through, which was the look we were going for.  The top layer also had some frit to it for slip resistance.
I am wondering if you are familiar with this type of material and if so, have you ever used it directly on ceramic tiles for waterproofing?  I would still like to keep the existing ceramic tiles and don’t want to go to the expense of tearing them up, re-waterproofing and flashing, etc.  If I could apply this product directly over the existing tiles, I can maintain the look, but essentially create a waterproof layer on top of everything.  It’s also going to make regular maintenance and cleanin/sweeping much easier for me.
Thanks for any information you can provide!
and my answer was…
There are two ways to fix it. 

Right way is tear everything up and redo.
The other way is any other method.