Nevada Coating Systems Polyurea Granite Deck-Just Like People, Peels and Cracks After Getting Sunburned

I was in Pismo Beach yesterday; visiting a job that we didn't get a few years ago when the decks and walkways were bid out. 
A local competitor got the job instead and used Nevada Coating Systems Granite Deck. 
Advertised and promoted as a superior alternative to concrete metal lath deck systems and other proven systems, the coating at this job has failed in a miserable fashion. 
The whole field of the deck at Spyglass Condo's in Shell Beach on Spyglass Dr is peeling back and the material is hard and brittle, as if the sun (UV) has severely damaged it. 
Besides it's apparent lack of UV resistance, the system is not Class A rated for roof decks-at least as far as we can tell by reviewing ICC-ES' website for pedestrian traffic coatings
The flashings at the deck edges are rusting too. 
This job is a total failure in my opinion. Whether it's product related, installation related or both, it seems Nevada Coating Systems is not the best choice to us for waterproofing decking over living space. 
As we say, do your research first, ask lots of questions and come to your own conclusions as to what is the best choice to make for a deck system. 
We suggest a Class A fire retardant ICC-ES code compliant decking system. 

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