Mr. Condo Talks Advises Condo Owner on Leaking Patio Doors

A problem with leaking doors that have deteriorated causes owner of unit below financial harm…

P.M. from New Haven County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I have a problem with my upstairs neighbor who is currently being fined $20 per day for non-compliance of the condo Bylaws. Two independent water testing studies have shown that repeated leaks into my condo are the result of eroding balcony doors and defective flashing underneath the sliding doors in his unit. The rules and bylaws dictate that thresholds are unit owner’s responsibilities but the neighbor is refuting the evidence blaming his terrace as the source of water entry. I have tenants in the condo who are tired of its leaking state and are threatening to leave. I had one other tenant leave because it has been ongoing since 2005. Now the source of the leaks is established. What happens next? I have suffered financial loss, stress and still he refuses to fix his problem. What do I have to do now that the fines have been implemented? This could go on indefinitely.

Mister Condo replies: