Firewise Principles Help Keep Camarillo Springs From Burning

Recent fires in Camarillo illustrate the importance of using Firewise principles when building or remodeling. 
In a recent article on the fire and how so few homes burned, and how none burned in the Camarillo Springs area, the discussion centered on stucco siding and tile roofs. 
Not mentioned, but it certainly played a part in the story was the fact that Camarillo Miramonte, a Community Association in the Camraillo Springs area, had Desert Crete decking installed during a rebuild a few years back. 
The decks, stairs and landings were all treated with Desert Crete  a Class A fire retardant pedestrian traffic coating system in 2004. 
We suggest that you make sure that the decking system a contractor has proposed to replace a current system is Class A fire rated by ICC-ES. 
The roofs are made of cement, the stucco siding is cement, doesn't it make sense that your decking be made of cement too? Be firewise, use Desert Crete and be sure.