Issues Precautionary Advice If Placing AZEK Resurfacing Pavers On Roof Decks

We have not tested or evaluated the product for confirmation of any claims made by the manufacturer. Opinions and advice offered are our own. 

We have recently seen an uptick in inquiries on placing AZEK Pavers (Copyrighted) on roof decks and balconies. AZEK at it's website extols placing their resurfacing paving system on top of roof decks to correct visual deficiencies. 

AZEK Pavers are not designed for waterproofing and will not correct design or waterproofing deficiencies in a structure. 
Our inspection of the pavers and the grid they lock into has raised some concerns.
We have also looked at the specifications and have other concerns. 

First Concern-Effect on Fire Ratings of Roof Assemblies
Almost all roof decks and balconies are required to be Class A fire resistant. The addition of AZEK pavers may negate your roof rating. 
Accordingly we advise you to consult your local authorities for advice on whether the addition of AZEK will negatively effect any Class ratings for fire resistance. on roof decks or balconies. 
Second Concern-Drainage
 The low dimples that raise the pavers channels up off the surface may sink into softer deck and roof coatings, causing significant impediments to water draining off the deck. 
Water backed up on the deck may create significant additional weight on the roof assembly-that may extend beyond it's design limits. 
Accordingly we advise if you are considering placing AZEK Resurfacing Pavers on a roof deck that has roof drains or scuppers to be aware that additional maintenance may be needed to keep the channels that are under the pavers clear of debris.
We advise that you inspect and clear channels and roof drains as needed; especially during fall when leaves are dropping. Wind blown sand, dirt and debris will find it's way underneath so be vigilant. 
Third Concern-Weight
We also advise that the weight of the pavers places an additional 6.56 pounds of weight per square foot on a roof deck. 
Accordingly, we advise when considering placing pavers on top of any roof deck, an professional should be consulted to ensure that you are not exceeding the design limits of the deck assembly with all improvements in place. Decks must be designed and built to handle the maximum anticipated load. 
For further information and advice, contact AZEK directly through their website at .