Another San Francisco HOA Sues Over Water Intrusion Issues-Deck, Masonry Walls and underground garage all allegedly leak

Another day, another suit…so many modern San Francisco buildings look very cool, but behind the hip looks often lies hidden defects. The usual problem-how to marry modern finishing materials with traditional waterproofing and do it really cheap…

Luxury High Rise SOMA Grand Residential HOA Files Suit Against TMG Partners, Webcor and Related Partners for Faulty Construction

Owners of units in the luxury, high rise SOMA Grand building have filed suit in San Francisco Superior Court for numerous construction defects and building standard violations.

According to the lawsuit, by 2011, the development began to experience significant waterproofing issues in the exterior concrete masonry walls, subterranean garage walls and the expansive podium deck. Exterior sealant joint failures of the pre-cast concrete walls and window defects are also identified.

Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

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