A Post at HOA Talk on Roof deck patio drains and heavy downpours that the drains can’t handle and results in flooding

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I have the only open patio in my complex with 4 roofs above that drained holy hell into my patio during a storm in Austin TX (some areas saw 4+ inches of rain that day) in April 2013 and filled my patio up with 4 inches of water before it found it's way under 2 sliding glass doors and through the wall of the closet in between. The 2 two inch drain pipes couldn't handle the volume of water that was in there. (It acted like a bathtub) The management company that reepresents the HOA says it's my problem and my liability for it's flooding and subsequent repairs. If it's inside the floor of the patio that is not sufficient how is that in my scope of liability? 

Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

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