Deck Expert Bill Leys to Present for Third Time at The JLC Live Residential Show

Coming back for a third time to JLC Live (Long Beach CA in 2008 and Portland OR in 2011), I am excited to have been selected to present a three hour seminar on two subjects dear to me- pedestrian deck waterproofing and their best building practices as well as discussing best practices for waterproofing and building decks intended to receive tile. 

Look for more information to come from JLC on their web site soon at  
I'll be developing a slide presentation and the session information will be up on the website shortly. Your input on what you want to discuss and see is welcome, send me your questions and ideas. 
I'll also do some show and tell by bringing samples and mock-ups of decks, systems and assemblies. 
I look forward to seeing the best builders and contractors in Portland on Wednesday December 4th at 9:30 am! 

Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

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