Steaming Pile of Doo…Another Tile Deck Failed With Tufflex Underneath It

I'm not saying that the Tufflex is at fault, but when a deck is waterproofed with a rubber/water based urethane, I don't expect good things to happen over the long term.

Here's a deck in Paso Robles we inspected today that has Tufflex installed by a company that is gone outta biz….to leave the general contractor on the hook.
  All sand on the back of tile indicates waaay to much sand was broadcast on Tufflex coating and was broadcast in to late after material started setting. 
Rusted flashing, rusted lath underneath…water trapped under tile can't escape. 
Failing coating on the sunny side of a hot deck. Coating is very thin and applied over bright shiny flashing. 
All in all, another steaming pile of doo. I'm not saying I would never use Tufflex, I'm saying I WOULD NEVER USE TUFFLEX UNDER TILE!!!!
What should you do? Make sure any waterproofing system being applied for tile decking is ICC-ES evaluated, make sure it's installed as per Tile Council of North America spec's or pay the price. 
Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

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