Massive Code Problems That Are Too Expensive to Fix Will Shut Down Dallas Condo Complex – Firefighter Died at Complex Fighting Massive Blaze

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Massive blaze destroys condo building…and in the aftermath, multiple code violations are found.  There are so many code violations and the cost to repair them all so massive at a Dallas HOA that the complex may have to close and residents will have to move out. 
The code violations came to light after the six-alarm fire destroyed one building of the complex on May 20. Firefighter Stanley Wilson was killed when a roof collapsed on him.

“It's sad to say, I hate a person had to die for them to see,” Barajas said.

Tenants and the homeowners association have been in embroiled in lawsuits from insurance money involving another six-alarm fire four years ago.

The letter to homeowners says a judge “is not going to allow the property to remain open if it has code violations.”

So the majority of owners in the association voted to shut the place down.”

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