Nevada Coatings Asks Us To "Be Truly Honest and Have Some Courage and Let My 2 or 3 Readers Know They have a Class A Rated System. OK, I have, now read on.

So here you go Mr. Krubinski, I’m publishing what you claim, now we are waiting for you to come up with the goods 
Dave Krubinski, owner of Nevada Coating System, or President of, (it’s a Nevada corporation) says that his  Granite Deck system for pedestrian decks and walkways has a Class A rating. He just won’t show me the proof that he does have a Class A rating to me. He wants me to just take his word for it…
when he has no credibility in my opinion. Actually he’s been found in a court of law to be “less than credible” so make up your own mind. 
Has NCS shown the report to you? Do you have a copy of that report or a letter attesting to the products fire rating? We want to see it. 
I asked NCS’ President Mr. Dave Krubinski for a copy and he doesn’t think I’m worthy of having one. Probably because he’s scared shitless that I’ll see that his report isn’t based on the UL 790 or ASTM E-108 tests like all the REAL deck coatings have. 
I keep saying if he has a UL790 or a ASTM E-108 I’ll publish a correction to the story. I’m saying it again…DAVE, if you have a UL790 or a ASTM E-108, show it to me and  I’ll publish a correction to the story.
In the last round of emails Dave and I had, he said this…
To clarify, you are not entitled to our fire testing information since you are not a client of Nevada Coatings neither are you an authority on this issue, waterproofing issues or any construction in general.  You are simply an improperly licensed contractor continually impugning others work and efforts by touting yourself as an expert on a web site, when you are not…
Nevada Coatings will not participate in your web games, however we will advise you, Nevada Coatings has been thoroughly tested through Underwriters Laboratory and has achieved a Class A Fire Rating a number of years ago. Therefore if you were truly honest and trying to make a difference in the coatings industry, you would let the two or three readers of your web page know Nevada Coatings has confirmed a Class A Fire Rating, but I doubt you have the courage to be honest.
 To confirm our position, we will not be submitting any documents to you at any time and this will be our last correspondence with you. 
So here we are, being “courageous” and honest and publishing Mr. Krubinski’s claims that so far remain unsubstantiated. 
We advocate for safe fire retardant deck coatings for roof decks, stairs and walkways. We want consumers to know what is ICC-ES evaluated and what is not. There are no reports at ICC-ES’ website as of 7/13/13 to substantiate Mr. Krubinski’s claim and there is no data I can find at UL either. 
He talks the talk but when it comes to showing the data, he skulks away. I saw where one person/defendant had referred to David Krubinski as “duck and dodge Dave” in a successful anti-SLAPP suit Krubinski initiated a while back against some one involved in an HOA issue where Dave was the President of the Board. I would agree, Krubinski ducks and dodges my questions as to whether his Class A rating is based on ASTM E-108 or UL 790. 
Our recommendation is simply this-if a manufacturer is not willing to disseminate important fire retardant information freely and willingly, maybe you should think twice before buying that product? 
We encourage you to call Dave Krubinski at 760-898-5408 and ask him for a copy of NCS’ fire test. If you get one, send it on to us and we’ll pay the first person to give it to us $200.00.

Our advice, buy proven ICC-ES evaluated products for decks, don’t buy unsubstantiated manufacturer’s claims. 

But that’s just my opinion…and what do I know?
Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

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