Balcony Railing Gives Way, Women Falls to Her Death in NY

A sad tale of a balcony railing giving way.

A woman on a first date has fallen to her death after the railing on her 17th-floor apartment balcony gave way.

Jennifer Rosoff went outside for a cigarette just before 1am on Thursday when she sat or leaned against the railing while talking to her date at her New York City apartment, police said.

The man said he warned her against it but the 35-year-old advertising executive fell moments later, authorities said.

Police spoke to the man and no foul play was suspected.

Ms Rosoff landed on building scaffolding on the first floor of the building on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Buildings officials took part of the broken railing to examine how it could have given way and plan to determine whether the other balconies are structurally sound.

Only the higher floor corner apartments of the building – built before World War II – have balconies.

Ms Rosoff worked at The New Yorker, Lucky Magazine and Cosmopolitan before recently joining a new company called TripleLift, according to her LinkedIn profile.

High-rise dramas are a staple of life in Manhattan and Thursday's was the third to make the news in recent days.

In 2010, after a 24-year-old social worker fell to his death when the railing gave way at his 24th-floor apartment terrace, the city conducted safety inspections on hundreds of residences.

Tenants at 16 buildings were ordered to stay off their balconies because they were deemed unsafe.

Some 800 building owners failed to file mandatory inspection reports on the safety of their balconies and terraces, officials found.

They are required to file every five years. For Ms Rosoff's building, the inspection report was last filed in February.

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