From JLC – Standard Writing Groups Sue In Copyright Claim

Saw this in JLC and I must say I agree, standards should be free and available to anyone. Support!, a website founded by activist Carl Malamud, has been making copies of state and local building codes available on the Internet for years, free of charge. As legal authority for the practice, Malamud cites a Federal appeals court decision in the case of Veeck v. SBCCI, where the judges ruled that building codes, once they are adopted as law by states, enter the public domain and can't be copyrighted. The court ruled: “May a code-writing organization prevent a website operator from posting the text of a model code where the code is identified simply as the building code of a city that enacted the model code as law? Our short answer is that as law, the model codes enter the public domain and are not subject to the copyright holder's exclusive prerogatives.”

What do you think?

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