Balcony Repair Dispute With HOA – Who is Responsible? Interesting Thread on Balcony Maintenance and Repair in an HOA Dispute

Found this discussion from earlier this year at…my thought is the HOA should always maintain balconies and pay for their resealing, repairs and repalcement from reserves and operating accounts. NEVER have homeowners do the maintenance, it usually won't happen and then there's a big mess. Read on…

Balcony Repair Dispute With HOA – Who is Responsible

“My question involves a condominium located in the State of: CA

I'm having a dispute with both the HOA Board and Property Management Co. regarding who should repair the balcony in the HOA condo complex I live in, in Los Angeles. I am the tenant/Power of Attorney for Homeowner.

In Sept. 2011 I noticed soft spots near the ledge. Water pools all along the balcony floor about 1 foot out from ledge after every rain, it does not drain properly, and rain falls on the balcony (I believe improperly, possibly due to roof or gutter issues, we have roof fixes/replacement on to do list for complex). I immediately reported it to the Broker, who is also an HOA Board member (also telling the Homeowner, and the Property Management Co., a different one at the time than the one we have now). CC&R's say Homeowner responsible for “exterior surfaces” of balcony while HOA responsible for everything else.” 

What do you think? Let us know by posting a reply/comment. 


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