Botched Tile Install Wastes Thousand of Dollars…

We recently consulted with a client on a tile deck job…
Take a look at these pictures and see what happens with a bad tile contractor who fails to lay out his tiles to install first and figure out the layout first, and then his failure to follow instructions…
Picture one-there is a large gap at the edge under the tile. Water rolling off deck will roll back under tile. The back of a tile is supposed to have 95% thinset coverage on exterior tiles to eliminate tile popping off from water under them…
Picture two My keys slip under tile an good two inches…of no coverage on the back of the tile
Picture three There are several things to look at here…
First, note the tiles in the forefront of the pic…see the stains around the grout areas? 
That's from using a sponge on the grout on unsealed tiles instead of sealing the tiles before installing them,
 then bag grouting the tiles in after setting. 
Second, note the outside edges of the tile. In the front of the picture the tiles are cut in half, 
towards the back of the side the tiles are full sized tiles. Someone 
didn't lay out their job first…
Picture four And here's the final proof an idiot did this job…the tile installer 
finished the edge on this side of the deck with grout,
What do you think? Let us know in the comments section…

Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

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