From Roofing Contractor Forgot Flashing on Roof Deck

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Roofing Contractor Forgot Flashing on Roof Deck

My roof was built 8 years ago and I started to notice a leak from my roof deck over my dining room. Come to find out that the original roofer used a LIFEDECK AL waterproof system without installing any flashing and it created huge issues with the sublayer and slope that we built and it needs to be completely redone. 

He originally told me it had a ten year warranty, then later told me after six years when I called complaining of cracks that I should redo it every three years. 

I’ve uploaded a video of the damage to YOUTUBE titled: (Huge Roof Deck Waterproofing error!) that I can’t seem to put a link here, but you can find it, if you care to look it up on Youtube and see what damage it caused. It looks like almost like fire damage to the plywood. 

My question is, do I have any recourse against my original roofer, or should I just move on and soak it up?

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Here’s a video they posted at YouTube…


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