SLO and Santa Barbara Craigslist Ads From Consumers Warning Others About The Unsavory Characters Out There…

In the frenzy to “save” money and get a deal, consumers are all to willing to dive headlong into the Craigslist pool of “skilled trade” listed for home repairs…
and all to often, that pool turns out to be shallow and diving in is not advised. The Contractors State License Board has a portal to check the status of contractors at it's website here.
By law contractors must be licensed to accept any job over $500 in value, but at Craigslist, that's just a formality…
In the spirit of the “Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, this could be the story of the Unlicensed Contractor Who Steals Your Money…
All we are saying is a fool and his money are soon parted. But hey go ahead and roll the dice, odds are good that the guy you hire isn't a convicted criminal, sex offender, has a CSLB license under suspension or revocation…
 This ad lists a license # that apparently belongs to another firm… 


  • License info: LIC# 979124
This ad lists tile services of any type, and the contractor is unlicensed. 
This is an ad for an unlicensed electrician… By CA law, apparently ALL electricians MUST be licensed. 
Some consumers are fighting back and warning others not to be stupid…  ” I jut checked on an electrical contractor with several ads running and found his license has been suspended. Be careful.”   “Be aware of unlicensed workers entering your home around the holidays. They are untraceable and may have a criminal background which prohibits them from getting a license.
Educate yourself about the dangers and possible legal troubles of hiring someone without a license.”   “Our first mistake is that we took him by his word. ” We gave him $1000.00 in good faith…. Yes we are the fools. Hey Wayne….Merry Christmas! Hope karma comes back and kicks you hard in the ass!

In the search for a deal, usually the best deal is hiring a the right contractor for the job and paying them a fair price to do the work right, with a permit and that contractor has a contractors license, auto, workers comp and general liability insurance. 

If not, you could be the next lucky person to post an ad on Craigslist telling others how and who ripped you off. 

Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

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