A Reader at Deck Builder Magazine’s Forum Has an AZEK Deck Problem

One possibility is to install a Pedestrian Traffic Coating over the plywood deck, eliminating the need for an AZEK deck system to be placed over it. Concrete pedestrian decking will stand the heat and there is no problems with airflow like there is in this situation. 
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I have 2 different problems with a deck that was finished with dark brown AZEK 5/4 x 6 deck boards. The decking is nailed to 2 x 4 ptl skid plates (laid flat) @ 16″ o.c. that float on a rubber membrane. The membrane covers 3/4″ plywood flooring that is supported by 2 x ptl floor joists. The location of the home is on a lake & it has many low e windows that are on the deck side of the house.

The first problem is sagging of the AZEK decking between the skid plates. Since the skid plates are laid flat, the decking is only spanning 12-1/2″. The AZEK reps are blaming the dark color and the reflection of the sun from the lake & windows causing the decking to super heat & sag. Their recommendation is replacement of the decking with a lighter color. However the homeowner will not budge on the color.

The second problem is raising of the decking in a few locations.
It is probably a twisting or cupping of the skid plates that is causing the decking to lift up in spots. The AZEK reps want the skid plates fastened to the plywood through the rubber membrane.
The problem with this is there is a porch below that has ceiling fans & can lights in the ceiling/deck framing above. A leak would be a serious problem, therefore I don't want to fasten the skid plates down. Is there another material that could be used for the skid plates that would not twist or cup? Maybe if I had a better skid plate material, I could replace and/or double them & have less sag or totally eliminate the sag. Any ideas?

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