Competition for Div Seven Pedestrian Decks? Wahoo Decks Announces a New, All-in-One, Pre-fabricated Aluminum Balcony Product for Multifamily Residential Communities

I saw this press release from Wahoo Decks…they now have a balcony in a box package for multi-family projects using aluminum balconies instead of wood framed and plywood covered decks with a traffic coating over it. They are marketing it to developers and builders, you can't go down to Home Depot apparently and just pick one up…

Wahoo Decks Launches Wahoo Complete During the International Builders’ Show

Wahoo Decks announced today from the International Builders’ Show at Booth #C5350 the launch of its newest product, Wahoo Complete, a pre-fabricated aluminum balcony for use in multifamily residential communities.

This new product will bring a safe, sustainable and fire-proof option to market for developers of multifamily communities. The Wahoo pre-fabricated balconies include railing, substructure framing and decking, all in one. Developers have the option of two types of walking surfaces, AridDek aluminum decking or DryJoistEZ (U.S. Pat. No. 8,276,344) structural joists with traditional low-maintenance deck board options for the walking surface. Support is dependent on building design, options include either rod hung, knee-braced, post supports or cantilevered beams.

Like other decking products from Wahoo Decks, the Wahoo Complete balcony system is manufactured using 50% post industrial, post consumer scrap aluminum. All balconies are fire-proof, powder coated, marine grade aluminum and are manufactured and assembled in the U.S. Unique to Wahoo Decks, all balcony options are dry-below, meaning, no water, dirt or debris will fall to the balcony below.

Read the Rest of the Press Release Here…
Tell us what you think! Will these balcony systems threaten the use of conventional wood framed balconies on multi-family homes? 

Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

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