Westcoat’s ALX System ICC-ES Report Has Been Updated-Now One Hour Rated + More!

We just received word that Westcoat's ALX system has a new ICC report behind it. President Paul Koury, in an email to us here at DeckExpert.com, provided the news that their ALX system has been recognized after testing and evaluation to be a “One Hour” Fire Rated Construction system as well as now being recognized as Class A roofing with their WP-40 sheet membrane under it. 
On the ALX topic, we finally completed all of the “hoops” to jump through and finalized the ICC update.  Here is a link on our site http://www.westcoat.com/alx-p-6.html and to the report http://www.westcoat.com/images/file/ESR-2201.pdf


Paul Koury
With this news we will now be retracting our earlier reports from several years ago where we had great concerns over the use of peel n stick membranes under the ALX system for use when a Class A rated roofing deck system is required.
Westcoat ALX has been tested and evaluated and is code compliant with the 2012, 2009 and 2006 International Building Code as well as the 2012 2009 and 2006 International Residential Code. 
Westcoat tested their ALX system with their custom stain/sealer finishes as well and this information is included in their updated report. 
I keep hearing stories from manufacturer's who have been going through hell with ICC-ES to get their products evaluated…congrats to Westcoat for sticking it out and getting their updated report. 

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Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

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