Show Off Your Duradek and Win Canucks Tickets!

Press Release From Duradek

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Duradek™, the original vinyl deck waterproofing membrane, celebrates 40 years in business this year and we want to thank everyone that chose Duradek as their decking product of choice with a “Best of Duradek Contest”. This is your chance to show off your deck and towin a night out including dinner and a pair of tickets to the February 26th Canucks game in Vancouver.

Anyone who enjoys Duradek can enter to win. Duradek has been around for 4 decades…and there are some decks protected with Duradek that have been around nearly as long! Whether you have brand new Duradek vinyl on a high-rise balcony, or 20-year old Duradek on the roof deck above the garage…anybody with a Duradek vinyl deck can enter. All you need to enter is a photo of your deck that is protected with Duradek vinyl and a brief statement of why you love your Duradek deck.

With so many years of helping you to enjoy residential outdoor living space, we are sure there has been plenty of enjoyable time spent on your deck since you haven’t had to spend any time maintaining it. So whether you are a builder who has used Duradek on your decking projects or you are a home owner that is benefiting from Duradek’s low maintenance waterproof protection, show off your Duradek to win Canucks Tickets!

Prize to be Awarded for Your Night Out from Duradek

Pair of tickets to see the Vancouver Canucks vs. St. Lois Blues at Rogers Arena on February 26th, 2014(plus parking pass!) and $100 Gift Certificate for dinner at Moxie’s at 180 West Georgia Street. (Total prize value is approx. $275.00).

To Enter

  • Provide your full name, email address, telephone number and city.
  • Submit a .jpg image of your deck (please send a medium to high resolution image). * your deck vinyl must be protected with Duradek vinyl to be considered for the contest.
    * By submitting your picture you are giving Duradek full permission to use your image in our marketing programs.
  •  Provide a brief statement about your deck, when your Duradek was installed and why you love it.
    (For example: “the last 15 years we have not had to waterproof our deck”; “it was so great to be able to be completely installed and ready for use in the same day”; “it’s so easy to clean after our kids’ birthday parties”; “we love having a dry, covered patio below our Duradek deck so we can enjoy outdoor time in any weather”; etc.)

Submit via email by 6:00 p.m. PST on February 23rd, 2014 to with “Best of Duradek Contest Entry” in the subject line.

Winner will be announced and notified on February 24th, 2014.

Duradek has grown from pioneering product to leading brand in the competitive niche market of deck waterproofing with over 125 million square feet of Duradek installed all over North America over the past 4 decades. This kind of history shows us without a doubt how well our waterproofing system performs. We have seen decks pass from generation to generation, home owner to home owner, and still be as reliably waterproofing as when it was first installed. We look forward to hearing your Duradek story!


Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

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