Subject: Evaluating Concrete Decks in Preparation for Waterproofing Membrane Application

From Western States Roofing Contractors Association comes this technical bulletin on liquid applied membranes to concrete decks. Moisture present in concrete slabs creates numerous problems for liquid membranes. Read how and why and what to do to avoid problems-by testing moisture levels, drying concrete and prepping it properly. 

To: Waterproofing Contractor Members Winter 2013 
From: WSRCA Waterproofing Technical Committee 
Subject: Evaluating Concrete Decks in Preparation for Waterproofing 
Membrane Application 
After receiving reports from member contractors describing problems with 
waterproofing membranes maintaining adhesion to concrete decks, WSRCA's 
Waterproofing Committee has prepared the following Technical Bulletin to 
provide basic guidelines for evaluating new and existing concrete decks, prior to 
Factors that can affect short-term and long-term adhesion of waterproofing 
systems to concrete decks include the dryness of the deck or actual moisture 
content of the concrete, surface profile or finish, and use of curing compounds, 
surfacing agents and/or additives in the concrete mix. This bulletin also describes 
optional methods of mechanically drying wet or damp concrete decks to facilitate 
adhesion of waterproofing materials, and working with the concrete contractor to 
prevent an improper surface finish or use of concrete curing compounds and/or 
surfacing agents that inhibit drying or are incompatible with the waterproofing 

Bill Leys-The Deck Expert

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