We Are looking to Interview California HOA’s Who Contracted With the Company formerly Known As Wanke, Industrial, Commercial, Residential Inc

Are you an HOA or manager of an HOA who ever contracted with the company formerly known as Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential Inc?

Did you ever have an  independent consultant by the name of David Krubinski  or Mark Marsch tell you that the work was done when you raised concerns?  Did you ever feel bullied by their attorney?

Did you get a “Ten Year Warranty” from Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential Inc for Mer-Kote or Nevada Coating Systems that requires you to only contract with them for the maintenance else your warranty is “void”?

Are you paying a lot of money every 3 years for maintenance in order to keep your “warranty”?

Ever get an icky feeling about the whole thing? Think something was amiss?

We want to talk with you! We are searching for HOAs and managers willing to turn over paperwork-contracts, emails, letters etc and hear your story.

Contact Bill Leys at 805-801-2380 today. Confidential and anonymous.
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