SIXTY CONDOS Damaged/Destroyed by Smoldering Cigarette Disposed of In Plant on Condo Balcony – Causes TEN MILLION In Damages

One balcony
One potted plant
One cigarette disposed of into potted plant
One fire
Ten Million dollars in damages
Sixty condo’s destroyed or severely damaged.
Hundreds of people lose homes, possessions.

Zero loss of human life
Zero loss of fur kids.

Cheap building construction blamed by some-vinyl siding and OSB and defective fire walls to blame?

Time to ban smoking on balconies? Or plants?

From CTV News Edmonton

Julia Parrish, CTV Edmonton
Published Wednesday, July 23, 2014 12:55PM MDT 
Last Updated Wednesday, July 23, 2014 7:22PM MDT
A day after a fire broke out in a west Edmonton condo building, causing millions of dollars in damages; officials with the condo board were releasing plans for residents to get their possessions back.
In a meeting held Tuesday evening, the condo board said an initial engineering review of the building, located at 1520 Hammond Gate, was underway. Once that was completed, owners and tenants of units in areas deemed safe to enter would be allowed to book 20 minute blocks to access their units and gather essential items for the next week.

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