JLC LIVE Residential Construction Show Attendees Loved Our Deck Seminar!

I am always grateful to JLC Live for allowing me the opportunity to present seminars at their shows. My last show was in Portland OR back in December. Attendees of the seminars are asked to rate the speakers and their presentations so JLC and the speaker has feedback on what works and what doesn’t,

I was pleased to read the comments from the attendees of my “How To Build &Waterproof Decks to Last Thirty Plus Years” and see that I was able to provide an enriching experience for them. With 33 “report cards” returned, speakers were rated between 1-4 with 4 being excellent and 1 being poor, I was rated at a 3.73 for “Speaker Knowledge and Presentation” and 3.55 for their “Overall Course Experience”.

Attendees commented “Knowledge was excellent” Thorough presentation, well delivered.” and “Super knowledgeable. I learned a lot! Thanks!”

Thank you to all who attended and returned evaluations, they are very helpful.

For builders, contractors, architects and others involved with roof decks, you can learn from the expert on deck waterproofing too. I am providing seminars to builders groups, firms and trade shows nationwide. Inquire today to or call me direct at 805-801-2380