Decking Contractors/Manufacturer’s-Mobile Friendly is the New Buzz Word for Google Search

Attention contractors and manufacturer’s! The new buzz word in search isn’t keywords or SEO (although SEO is still important) or meta tags anymore. 
Your website is probably where many of your clients come from. A few of you are probably still throwing money into a stagnant Yellow Pages ad, but that advertising medium is rapidly going the way of the dinosaur…let us just tell you to stop wasting money there and realize that the new buzz word for web search is now “Mobile Friendly”. 
That smart phone/phablet in your hand, which is probably what you are reading this post on, is driving Google and the other search engines to start ranking websites on how friendly they are to use on mobile devices. Yep, the desktop and laptop is still important, but with the dramatic increase in smart phone use, “mobile friendly” has taken over as the dominate factor for ranking websites during searches. 
Mobile friendly is the new way Google is ranking websites. If it ain't mobile friendly, your rank will drop like a stone.
Test your website using Googles website mobile friendly testing site

So get going and find out is your website is “mobile friendly” and learn more at the link below.