Westcoat Buys Mer-Kote Brand From Parex

Westcoat announces acquisition of the Mer-ko brand – Weather Deck and Shur Deck to be Featured Systems
Westcoat is pleased to announce the purchase of the Mer-Ko brand from parent company Parex. The purchase agreement, signed April 16, 2015, certifies Westcoat receiving full and exclusive rights to the Mer-Ko name and its two premier waterproof decking systems.
Mer-Ko, one of the original manufacturers of waterproofing systems has been producing widely used elastomeric deck coatings, waterproof membrane systems and underlayments since the mid-80s. Mer-Ko’s two primary systems, Weather Deck and Shur Deck will be re-introduced to the industry with wide-ranging manufacturing and technical support by Westcoat.
Weather Deck is a pedestrian walking deck system incorporating floating slip-sheet technology designed to isolate the waterproofing membrane and seamless decking from the substrate. This high performance system design eliminates concerns related to cracking and surface imperfections and offers superior durability.
Shur Deck is a metal lath reinforced walking deck and flat roof top deck system designed for use over plywood or concrete substrates. Shur Deck provides long-term durability and waterproofing protection using a latex modified polymer mortar to prevent cracking.
“Mer-Ko has always been a key player in the waterproof coatings industry with a loyal following,” said Paul Koury, president of Westcoat. “We couldn’t be more pleased to take ownership of the Mer-Ko brand and re-instill faith in the performance and longevity of their core systems. Our team intends to provide the same high level of quality control, technical support and customer service expected and experienced when doing business with Westcoat.”
Mer-Ko is available through U. S. distributors in the waterproofing, specialty coating business. For sales inquiries, contact Dean Jarmusch at 84

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