From Contra Costa Times- Lawsuits Filed By Victims and Families of Berkeley Deck Collapse

Prior complaints by tenants about mushrooms growing out of balcony allegedly ignored.

Reporter Thomas Peele’s (@Thomas_Peele) latest article on the Berkeley deck tragedy reports that the families and victims of the deck collapse have filed a lawsuit alleging some of the defendants named in the suit knew of problems with the deck after it was built and the building occupied. Other defendants allegedly “deliberately ignored” the plans for the deck.

BERKELEY — Tenants of a Berkeley apartment had complained to building managers for weeks that mushrooms were growing on a wooden balcony before it collapsed during a party in July, plummeting six people to their deaths, lawsuits filed Thursday allege.

But their complaints were ignored, survivors and families of the victims claim in a negligence lawsuit that alleges the building owners and construction company could have prevented the tragedy.”

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The allegations, if proved true, would leave many of the named parties at risk of being exposed to millions of dollars in liability costs.

I’ll say it once again, decks must be built using best building practices and with the highest degree of skill and materials available, not the most cost effective, cheapest materials and labor. If successful, this lawsuit may just change the way builders hire sub-contractors-today the cheapest wins, the most responsible skilled contractor loses. It’s time for a change.