Cook Your Turkey The Right Way, On The Ground, Away From the Deck, House and Fence

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, Deck Expert wishes to advise our readers to be safe and sound by cooking that turkey on the ground! We don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but please be safe and cook on the ground.

Do not use a turkey fryer on a deck! No turkey fryers are listed by UL due to the danger they present. DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE THE FIREBALL THAT CAN ERUPT FROM A FRYER!

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Each year we hear of fires, property lost and sometimes lives too, all from accidental fires started when the turkey fryer or grill cooking the bird on the deck spills some hot oil, drops a coal out or the propane tank ignites.

The website reports that according to the U.S Fire Administration (USFA) between 2011 and 2013 more than twice as many residential fires were reported on Thanksgiving Day on average than any other day of the year. Approximately 72% of those Thanksgiving Day fires are cooking fires!

Remember to

1.) Place your grill or fryer on level ground.

2.) Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Don’t use water on a oil or propane fire!

3.) Do not leave a grill or fryer unattended. It only takes a minute for a fire to start and spread.

4.) Make sure fires and coals are extinguished before going to bed.

We hope you’ll have a safe and fun filled holiday and remember, enjoy family and friends, help make the world a better place to be in.




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