HOA Shirking It’s Responsibilities? A Reader Writes Us.

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Arin in Santa Cruz has a deck problem-

The deck in question is 2nd story solid material with a drain partially over the 1st floor living room. I have owned the home for 3 years and our HOA has recently determined that deck maintenance and repair is a homeowner responsibility, not included in the HOA’s responsibility to repair and replace the roof (due to happen this summer). The deck does not drain properly, there is standing water/pooling during and after rain which this winter has been almost constant. I often resort to sweeping the deck with a broom to push the water into the drain. Although I have not yet seen any actual leaking, I am currently repairing other major water damage inside my home and have become very obsessed with preventing potential problems. I know the standing water on this deck is going to cause a problem at some point and I would really like to improve the drainage, but cost is a major issue.

Our Answer-

Hi Arin,
Sounds like the HOA is shirking it’s duty. A deck over living space, IMO is a roof primarily and secondarily is walkable. Based on your description, this is a total redo with many many factors that must be considered.
I’d recommend getting the owners together to face off with the Board, sounds like they are being stupid and trying to avoid responsibility. Owners don’t maintain, (neither do most Associations) They shouldn’t just slough off work onto owners who’ve been expecting repairs that never happened. Maybe if they fixed everything right first, then after a vote of the majority of owners on a CCR amendment, maybe then give the owners responsibility.
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