Exterior Elevated Elements Working Group Agenda for 5/25/17 is Announced


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From the California Building Standards Commission-

Notice is hereby given that the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC), Exterior Elevated Element (EEE) Subcommittee will solicit technical expertise on the items listed in the attached agenda and the link below.  The public is invited to attend and provide their input or comments.  For questions on this notice, please contact CBSC at (916) 263-0916.

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NOTICE AND AGENDA CALIFORNIA BUILDING STANDARDS COMMISSION EXTERIOR ELEVATED ELEMENT (EEE) SUBCOMMITTEE (WORKING GROUP) 400 R STREET, FIRST FLOOR HEARING ROOM CALIFORNIA VICTIM COMPENSATION BOARD SACRAMENTO, CA 95811 May 25, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Notice is hereby given that the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) Exterior Elevated Element Working Group is convening to gather additional documentation about “exterior elevated elements” (EEE), pursuant to SB 465 (Chapter 372, Statutes of 2016). The public is invited to participate. Associated documents may be found at the CBSC website. (http://www.bsc.ca.gov/calendar/othermtgs.aspx) Teleconference number: 888-240-3210 Participant Code: 5131964 **Please see the “Teleconference Instructions” at the end of this agenda** AGENDA ITEMS: 1) Introductions and housekeeping 2) Purpose of the meeting: The purpose of this meeting is for the CBSC EEE working group to solicit technical expertise from representatives from the Department of Housing and Community Development, the Division of the State Architect—Structural Safety, the Office of the State Fire Marshal, local building officials and plan checkers, structural engineers, apartment owners and managers, the building industry, the wood, steel and concrete industries, and any other interested parties pursuant to SB 465 (Chapter 372, Statutes of 2016). Rev. May 10, 2017 Agenda Items 3-5 allow interested parties to provide technical and statistical input for EEE not already included in the emergency regulations currently in effect. 3) Exterior Elevated Elements reports or studies: Opportunity for interested parties to present reports, studies, and papers pertaining to EEEs. 4) Government Representatives: Opportunity for government representatives to present additional information, studies, papers pertaining to EEEs. a. Department of Housing & Community Development b. Building Standards Commission c. Division of the State Architect d. State Fire Marshal e. Local agencies having jurisdiction 5) Industry and Professional Representatives: Opportunity for industry and professional representative to present additional information, studies, papers pertaining to EEEs. a. Engineer/Architect professionals b. Property owners c. Building industry d. Wood/Steel/Concrete industries e. Water resistive systems industry f. Material preservatives industry g. Other 6) Exterior Elevated Elements emergency regulations currently in effect: Opportunity for interested parties to provide technical or statistical input for the exterior elevated elements emergency regulations in advance of the certifying rulemaking process. The emergency regulations may be found in Information Bulletin 17-01, dated February 2, 2017 (http://www.documents.dgs.ca.gov/bsc/Info-Bulletins/BSC_Bulletin_17-01_FINAL.pdf). a. Certifying timeline: The Building Standards Commission staff will provide an overview of the timeline (http://www.documents.dgs.ca.gov/bsc/EEEs-SB465/EEETimeline.pdf) b. Interest parties comments c. Economic and Fiscal Impact Statement: The Building Standards Commission staff will provide an overview of the need for cost and benefit analysis from interested parties to support the Economic and Fiscal Impact Statement – Form 399 (http://www.documents.dgs.ca.gov/bsc/proc_rsltn/2009/STD-399- EconomicandFiscalImpactStatement.pdf) 7) Other items not on the agenda 8) Adjourn Rev. May 10, 2017  Meeting facilities and restrooms are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Requests for accommodations for individuals with disabilities (assistive listening device, American Sign Language interpreters, etc.) should be made to the commission office no later than ten (10) working days prior to the day of the meeting.  If Paratransit services are needed, they may be contacted at (916) 429-2744 or 800-956- 6776, or TDD (916) 429-2568 in Sacramento. Sacramento Regional Transit (www.sacrt.com) has public transit available the day of the meeting. For routes contact Sacramento Regional Transit at (916) 321-BUSS (2877); for hearing impaired (916) 483- HEAR (4327).  Public parking is available at 500 R Street (entrance to the parking facility is on 5th Street between R Street and S Street) and metered on-street parking is available.  Meetings are subject to cancellation, and agenda items are subject to being taken out of order, removal, continuance or referral. Items scheduled for a particular day may be moved to an earlier day, or vice-versa, to facilitate the commission’s business. Technical difficulties with equipment experienced prior to or during the meeting preventing or inhibiting accessibility accommodation is not cause for not holding or for terminating the scheduled meeting.  Please contact the California Building Standards Commission with any questions concerning this meeting notice/agenda at 2525 Natomas Park Drive, Suite 130, Sacramento, California 95833, by telephone at (916) 263-0916, or visit the CBSC website at http://www.bsc.ca.gov . **TELECONFERENCE INSTRUCTIONS** All callers will begin in “Listen Only” mode. If you wish to make a comment on a specific agenda item please listen for the committee to ask for any comments from the public. At this time please place yourself into the queue by pressing 1 and then 0 on your keypad. The committee will take comments from participants in attendance first and then the participants on the telephone. When you press 1 and then 0, you will hear: “You will be notified when the speaker is ready for your question; to withdraw your question press 1 and then 0.” When it is your turn to comment you will hear: “Please ask your question after the tone.” A tone will sound and you are now in “Talk” mode. The committee will continue through the call queue until there are no questions remaining. The committee will proceed to the next agenda item. Note: Please refrain from pressing 1 and 0 multiple times. Doing this toggles your position in and out of the call queue. Press 1 and 0 only once and wait for your notification to speak. **Important: Please call the teleconference from a land-line using the telephone handset only. This enhances the commission’s ability to hear your comments clearly. Calling from a speaker phone or a cell phone reduces the quality of the audio and makes it much harder for your comments to be heard clearly.