Davis-Stirling.com On Balcony Inspections

The questions on balcony inspections continue to come in in California and Adrian Adams of Davis-stirling.com continues to answer them on his weekly newsletter. The importance of doing balcony inspections is without dispute however confusion reigns for many.

We appreciate cooperating with Davis-Stirling.com and helping to bring this important information to the public.

REPAIRSQuestions continue to come in about balcony inspections. To understand the importance of inspections, we start with a small science lesson. -Adrian
QUESTIONfungi.jpgYou keep referring to dry rot. What is it? Why do we have to inspect the waterproofing if it doesn’t stop wood from rotting when it’s dry?

ANSWER: The term “dry rot” is a…  Read the Rest by clicking here. https://arborescens.eocampaign.com/web-version?lc=a6c657f7-2409-11e9-a3c9-06b79b628af2&p=35924a2c-6eca-11eb-a3d0-06b4694bee2a&pt=campaign&t=1613311191&s=38043020ead20ad3c07e83a9510c76fb3709b6ea8afe1dae1461c5f6abdd6a69