I have heard from several clients of the company formerly known as Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential who have told me horror stories about their tactics. Threats that if they don’t “fix balconies” that they will send a report to the city saying that the decks are dangerous etc. The scummy owner likes to use his wife’s law firm Lindborg and Mazor LLP to bully clients. I can’t give you legal advice but I would tell you to go get legal advice and do not allow the company formerly known as Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential try to push you around. I would encourage you to file complaints with the CSLB the attorney general’s office as well as the department of consumer affairs. If you receive threatening letters from his attorneys I would suggest that you go to the state bar and file complaints against them.

Is it a conflict of interest to do deck inspections under the balcony bill laws in California without disclosing that the company you are being referred to make the repairs or do the destructive testing is owned by the same person?

Do your research before you contract with anyone for balcony inspections and make sure that there are no conflicts of interest with your inspector and if there are, to spell them out so you have full knowledge and the ability to make prudent business decisions.

Deck Inspector LLC in S California is owned by DM who owns the company formerly known as Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential and I am told that he and his apparent grifter son SK are not disclosing that crucial fact to their clients. It’s a matter of ethics. Clicking the links below will show that both entities are owned by DM and leave little doubt for consumers about the actual conflicts of interest.

Confidential sources tell us that DM is failing decks with even a small crack, demanding that they must make repairs immediately and the company formerly known as Wanke Industrial Commercial Residential is charging fees that are exceedingly high. Unless a deck has structural issues that are life threatening, decks can be repaired on the property management company or HOA’s decision within a reasonable time.

Remember, investigate your inspection company and make sure they are independent with no conflicts of interest.

See our page of independent and unbiased balcony inspectors that have been vetted and determined to have no conflicts of interest in doing balcony inspections by clicking here QUALIFIED Deck Inspector’s FOR SB 721 & SB 326 DECK INSPECTIONS

I would also warn consumers that if Mark Marsch Consulting is involved, he has close personal relationships with owners of these companies and was found to be a biased expert by a Judge in San Bernardino Superior Court.

These links go to the California Secretary of States website and are recent filings clearly showing the same owner on both business listings.