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 I recently read a great article on the subject (of decks).  Small world?  It is your article in my February 2010 issue of The Journal of Light Construction. In fact I color scanned it and may risk violating copyright laws by distributing copies to boards who are plagued with elastomeric deck problems and need to think about tearing them out and starting over.  Attorney Glenn Youngling 2/21/2010

…your site is very interesting and chock full of information. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavour.  ” Loren P 9/11/2009 VP Sales

“Thanks so much. I did receive it (your information) and it was very helpful. I’ve shared it with my contractor, followed up with the installer suggestion and put together a bid sheet including the key issues you raised. I realized that I failed to ask the one key question my husband always asks of people who are kind enough to give us advice: If you were in our situation, what roof deck coating product would you use? Thanks for making your expertise available. It’s a great way to go.”~ Margaret B. Amador City, CA

Wow! I love your site! Stephan S. Los Angeles 10/24/2009

“We are contacting you because we are bombarded with a lot of industry jargon and sales pitches by contractors who want to sell just the product that they are certified to apply. We would like to get an objective opinion from an expert like you who can send us in the right direction and tell us which method of waterproofing is the safest bet in our case.” ~Sarah K. Vista, CA

“Thanks for the very informative presentation. It was really helpful for getting a handle on the myriad of deck coatings out there, and their maintenance requirements. I know I’ll be referring to your site regularly.” ~ Eve Halderson The Helsing Group

“I was impressed with your presentation and you clearly have a lot of experience in this issue.” ~ Richard Thompson APRA

“Your website looks good, and its good to know a consultant that we can refer coated deck issues to.” ~ Dave MacLellan – CEO Pacific InterWest Building Consultants, Inc




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