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“Thanks for your advice and if this clarification solicits another answer let me know and I will pay another $25. It is worth it.”

~ Wade H.
San Diego CA

“Hi Bill. Your answers were worth a million! And the speed of your reply is virtually unknown in the construction industry. Thanks. Very good info!”

~ Dave & Frank
San Diego, CA

“Thanks for the advice Bill. This is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate the help.”

~ Doug S.
San Diego, CA

Need Advice?

Have a question on waterproofing a deck? Contractor problems or questions?

Don’t be fast talked by smooth talking salesmen, get the right advice for a low $50.00 fee, and turn the tables on the salesperson with my questions to ask every contractor, free with purchase. Whatever you may wonder about waterproof decks, I can probably help you.

How to Get Advice

Email me with your questions, and pay via Venmo. See below for our Venmo info. I will respond generally within 24 hours time; sometimes I’m traveling or on a job performing inspections and just can’t get right back to you. Send me digital pictures if possible, include as much info as you can!

The Price of Advice

I enjoy receiving your email’s, hearing the problems and issues and helping you out. I want to respond to everybody who emails in a question, however, it often takes several emails back and forth for further specific information and then an answer may take me 15-30 minutes to formulate and write up. In order to keep providing this service, I need to charge a fee for my time and expertise. I think $50.00 is reasonable (and I hope you do too) for my time and effort.

Get the Deck Experts advice* by email for a low $50.00 fee.
If I can’t help you, I’ll refund your money.

*Disclaimer-Read Carefully!

By making a payment to Bill Leys for advice, you hereby agree to the following conditions;

You are paying for advice, not a legal opinion, nor a construction experts opinion. Legal advice can only be given by licensed attorney’s-consult with your attorney for any legal matter. Oral advice dispensed shall not be construed as an scope of work, written specification or used as an expert opinion for use in a court of law. Those services are available for a fee. I will not tell you that you have a construction defect; I will only tell you if you should pursue further on-site investigation to see if you have defects, and to hire the appropriate person for making those determinations. I do not give opinions on other trades work. We reserve the right to refer you to other experts for advice when other trades work is involved. By making payment to the Deck Expert, you agree that our fee is earned in full upon receipt of an answer back to you. If I respond and ask further questions, your fee will pay for those questions as part of your initial inquiry. If I have responded to your question(s) with our advice, and you request further information or advice, that may, at my discretion, be considered a new question and I reserve the right to request payment for answering more questions. Any manufacturer information I may have in our files that we share with you is subject to change without notice to us or you by the manufacturer. Always inquire with the manufacturer for their latest up to date information.

Pay via Venmo and lets get started today! Our Venmo ID is @deckinspector or scan the code and verify it’s us!





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