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Public Service Announcement-RCI SoCal Chapter Brings Title 24/Cool Roof Seminar to Long Beach October 20th!

So Cal Chapter of RCI, Inc.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Leed and Title 24: Roofing Issues

Long Beach, CA

California Title 24 Cool Roof: The focus of this class will be on new requirements involving the inclusion of roofing for residential and certain institutional entities and the new requirements for sloped roofing, shingles, tiles and metal panels.

Both of these areas where previously excluded from Title 24 Cool Roof requirements. The last topic for Title 24 Cool Roofs, will be the 3 year progress updates on how the reflectivity of Cool Roofs has played out in the field and how it will impact any revised requirements. These portions of class will be presented by John A. Goveia, President of Pacific Building Consultants, Inc. and Philip D. Dregger PE RRC FRCI, President of Technical Roof Services, Inc.

LEED: This session will provide a brief overview of the LEED program and process. Then lead into a more in-depth look at how roofing and waterproofing are involved in the LEED process. This portion will be presented by Peter Barsuk, Gensler.


Continuing Educational Hours (CEHs) from RCI



Learning Units (LUs) from the American Institute of Architects


Registration and Location
Registration Time: 1:30 pm

Program: 2 pm to 7:30 pm

Registration Fees:

RCI / AIA / CREIA Member: $100 Non-Member: $125

Registration fee includes course handouts, beverages at registration and a light dinner.

Parking: FREE


The Grand Event Center
4101 East Willow Street, Long Beach, CA 90815
(562) 426-0555

To register, go to

Questions call: 866/914-4RCI


Click our headline to go to RCI So CAL’s Website…and register!

So Cal Chapter of RCI, Inc.

Monday, August 18, 2008

2008 Calif. Building Code Update

San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf

Roofing, Waterproofing and the Building Envelope

The new California building code, which became effective statewide on January 1, 2008, is based on the 2006 International Building Code and not the 1997 Uniform Building Code that we have all become accustomed to using for the last 10 years.

The new IBC and CBC have many specific changes that effect roofing, waterproofing and building envelope professionals. Most significantly, the old Codes generally required that the construction (builder) prevent water intrusion to the interior. The new Codes have been changed to make them more stringent and specific. Language has been added in the Codes that requires both “design and construction” to meet the intent of the codes, not just construction. As a result, the new codes shift more liability on the design professional, requiring them to properly design the building envelope systems. In regards to water intrusion and water damage, new codes include vapor barriers and vapor migration within an assembly. This seminar will include a side-by-side comparison between the old code and new code as related to roofing, waterproofing, exterior walls and building envelope systems.

Continuing Educational Hours (CEHs) from RCI 5

Learning Units (LUs) from the American Institute of Architects 5

Registration and Location
Registration Time: 12:30 pm Program: 1 pm to 7 pm
An afternoon break and a light dinner will be provided

Registration Fees:
RCI / AIA / CREIA Member: $100 Non-Member: $125

Parking: $17 plus tax

Location: The Holiday Inn Fisherman’s Wharf
1300 Columbus Ave., San Francisco, CA 94133
Hotel Reservations: (800) 942-7348

To register, go to

Questions call: 866/914-4RCI

Contractor Jon A Gratzol, Inc. Has Excellent Booklet Online Regarding Deck Waterproofing and Prep

I found Jon A Gratzol Company’s website on a Google search.
Serving only Western Washington state, Jon has the same attitude I do when it comes to waterproofing; we’re the most important guy on the job, and if you don’t like it, we’ll walk if the conditions aren’t right to enable us to perform the quality job we expect to perform for you. If your not going to do your part, Hasta La Vista Baby…it’s not worth putting our name onto your project that is destined to have problems later because of existing problems today.

Substrate, sloping, plywood type, gapping, all things discussed here is in Jon’s booklet.

Read Jon’s booklet and learn yourself something by clicking our headline to go to his pages. I recommend it.


I like to think I’m tech savvy, yet always I find a way to get humbled by a tool on the Web I never saw; like the PACER system for Federal Court actions.

Emboldened by my new tool, I then got the thought in my brain that the other courthouses are online too! Duhhh…so when you want to know about a company your thinking of doing business with, these tools will help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

So off i went to the world of online courthouse records. Having spent a little time there, searching some names out and seeing what came up, boy was I surprised! One company I worked for from Lake Forest/Aliso Viejo has a few civil actions against it or did, one very large installer in Orange County has/had a wrongful death action brought against them, and yet another installer/manufacturer company had about 20 actions against it that I found in Orange County and San Diego alone. Construction defect allegations, breach of contract, declaratory relief were the main actions brought up in the suits I saw on line. The Los Angeles website site is having difficulties so I couldn’t search that site.

Civil actions, criminal, domestic, all manner of records are available with which to do your research and do back ground checks on potential companies your considering to do your work on waterproofing your deck.

I even found a criminal record on someone in one search…didn’t say what it was for though. I think one must go to the courthouse to see the actual records.

Now, one must consider that I don’t know, nor did I research, the disposition of any of these cases mentioned. I can only say that one must make decisions based on knowledge available and I would say that if it came to it, I would probably pick the company that had “only” 4 lawsuits recorded against it than one that has 15 or more…but that’s just me.

The links below take you to a new tool to getting information on the dirt behind anyone your thinking of dealing with…a good tool to put in your arsenal. Have fun storming the castle!

san diego superior court

click here for the orange county civil court search page

Deck Expert Endorses Depiction Software’s Imaging Software as best software to buy that will increase your decorative coating business.

Having been sold on this software by the graciousness and care shown me by Diane Squire at World of Concrete, despite a horde of people clustering around, that and a 30 day money back guarantee…cause I’m thinking, like at most shows where I buy something that looks slick and will make me money, I am many times disappointed.

Not so with this software. I had to learn it and you will too, but learn it and work it and watch as maybe’s and we’ll get back to ya’s become a thing of the past. Never mind lugging samples around of stuff that customers don’t want to see.

Simply take out your digital camera (you do have one right?) take a picture or two of your customers project, then load the pictures into the software. In a few minutes, you can have sample images up on your screen of what the clients project will look like with a new finish on it. Thousands of images are available and you can add your own. Amazing…and so easy too.

As your clients get excited about what they’re seeing, your asking the closing questions that gets you to take a contract and print it out on your HP portable printer, because you’ll need to be ready to print out a contract with this software in your arsenal.

Buy this software and you’ll leave your competitor in a workshop, making samples, while your closing their customer…or the next competitor will close them with Depiction Software. CLICK OUR HEADLINE TO GO TO DEPICTION’S WEBSITE

Deck Drains-Deck Expert Recommends Thunderbird Products

In my many inspections of decks throughout the years as an estimator, I have seen many failed methods that were used in an attempt to install a drain through the floor of a deck coating. I often see drains that came from Home Depot type stores, and also see professional type drains that came from a plumbing supply house.
The drains you buy at these places are not manufactured with deck coatings terminating into them as part of their function. Because of that one flaw, the decks are doomed to fail. The picture above shows a plastic drain system with overflow. The deck guy had the right idea but executed the job with the wrong drain. The plastic deteriorated over the years, the flange is flexible and stepping on it probably damaged it too. As a result, water leaked by the flange and into the ceiling below. We removed that drain and installed copper drains with overflows on them.

The only drain systems I use are from Thunderbird Products, Inc. of El Cajon, CA. They have specific drains for decks and roofs, including tile deck systems, that allow the proper termination of the drain with the deck coating/waterproofing materials. Click the link above to see their online catalog of drains and scuppers or call them at 800-658-2473 to place your order. Tell them Bill Leys sent you their way!