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Cigarette Believed to Be Trigger of Massive Condo Fire

A safety expert believes a cigarette is to blame for sparking a massive fire on a deck on a condo in Florida. We recommend the use of fire resistant Class A rated solid surface decking over wood and synthetics for superior protection.

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Fire Pit Ignites Wood Deck – 60K in Damages is The Result

A family escaped with smoke damage to the interior and about 60k in dagaes to their deck and exterior of the home when embers from a fire pit on the wood deck apparently were blown out onto the deck. The deck ignited and the siding did to. Lucky these people weren’t killed…
“The Girard Fire Department says the family had been burning wood in a fire pit on the wooden deck on Sunday night. They believe that wind may have kicked up an ember in the ashes and started the blaze.”
Watch the TV report here 

Connecticut Bans Grills on Decks and Balconies at Multi-Family Complexes

A good first step to helping prevent fires and loss of property and life…Connecticut banned using propane and gas grills on decks.

From the Hartford Courant-
A little-noticed change in the newly revised Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code, which took effect May 7, prohibits the use and storage of any type of grill or cooking device on decks, beneath overhangs or within 10 feet of the building.

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Fire That Appears to Have Started on a Deck Kills Dog, Destroys Home in Washington

A fire consumes a home in Washington state. 
Early reports indicate the fire began on the deck. 
The family lost their home and a pet dog as a result.

Please, don’t grill or smoke on your deck. That’s the advice we keep giving and sadly, not a day goes by without a report of a grill or cigarettes starting the fire. We recommend solid surface decking systems that are Class A fire retardant. Read more on our website.