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More Than a Few Div 7 Deck Coating Manufacturer’s moving over to iampo’s uniform evaluation service from icc-es

We’ve noticed of late that more than a few pedestrian traffic coating Manufacturer’s have moved their listings out of ICC-ES over to IAMPO’s Uniform Evaluation Service at

ICC-ES has been the major evaluation service in the Building Industry for many years and is recognized worldwide. However, their long hold on the industry as the evaluation service that manufacturer’s go to is being challenged by IAMPO. We spoke with several manufacturer’s who told us that they were saving substantial sums of money on yearly fees for their products listings by switching to IAMPO.

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Cigarette Believed to Be Trigger of Massive Condo Fire

A safety expert believes a cigarette is to blame for sparking a massive fire on a deck on a condo in Florida. We recommend the use of fire resistant Class A rated solid surface decking over wood and synthetics for superior protection.

Watch the news clip below & Division 7 Pedestrian Traffic Coatings Featured in Better Homes & Gardens Web Article

I am pleased to announce that, along several with Div 7 Pedestrian Traffic Coatings manufacturer’s were part of a Better Homes & Gardens online article on the BH&G website recently. 

I am actively seeking every opportunity I can find to promote Div 7 Pedestrian Traffic Coatings manufacturer’s in print media and video. This latest article, written by Berit Thorkelson, titled “Newest No Maintenance (or Low-Maintenance) Deck and Patio Materials” features various new products and decking for homeowners to consider when building or remodeling a deck. 
Products like Solar Stone, Rail Simple Railings and more are featured along with waterproof deck coatings from Div 7. 
I gave the author quite a bit of info and listed every manufacturer of our products. Luck smiled on Dex-O-Tex, Pli-Dek and Westcoat for also garnering a mention in the few lines of print we got. 
Check out the article and see what new products are now available-don’t forget to “Like” the article, Plus 1 it on Google and/or Tweet it out to your followers! 

ENDURO PRODUCTS ANNOUNCES THEIR UPDATED ICC-ES REPORT FOR TRAFFIC COATINGS advertiser ENDURO products of Anaheim CA let us know that their Deck Coatings Enduro-Kote and Enduro Flex Coat have been evaluated by ICC-ES and a new report for Wind resistance, durability, fire resistance and fire classification has been released.

The new report  (ICC-ESR 2245) provides proof that the products meet 2009 IRC, IBC codes as well as the older 2006 IRC/IBC and 1997 UBC codes. 

ICC reports verify manufacturer’s claims through independent testing and evaluation of the results, thereby assuring users that they are code compliant for roof decks, walkways and stairs where One Hour and Class A fire resistant construction is required.

For more information and to read the new report, click here to go to ICC-ES’ website.

For more information and to find where to purchase Enduro Products at Enduro’s website, click here. 

ICC ICC-ES Websites Back Up and Running


The International Code Council has established new security safeguards to its networks, completing repairs which shut down access to ICC networks including website, staff email and telephones during the week of September 13. Access to Code Council staff and its website is fully operational as of today, September 21. The Code Council apologizes for the delays and inconvenience the shutdown created for its stakeholders. Any deadlines which expired during the shutdown have been extended one week from the original deadline, where feasible. Our internal review concluded that due to existing policies regarding protection of member and customer data, this information remained secure as we addressed the cause of the security breach to our networks. We will continue to focus on protecting the Code Council’s networks and providing a safe, usable and convenient experience for users of our systems. Thank you for your support and your patience.

ICC and ICC-ES Websites Down, Some one Hacked into "em

Notice to International Code Council Web Users

Based on a security breach with the International Code Council website and with its web mail over the past weekend, the Code Council has shut down website and email access for the remainder of this week as it develops new safeguards. This action prevents staff access to email and to network telephones located in our four area offices.

While no data has been compromised, the Code Council is taking extra steps to make sure its web and email capabilities are strengthened. Data regarding our customers, members and our staff is not accessible via our network and remains secure. Also, for this very reason, the Code Council’s policy is to not retain credit card information thus avoiding any security threats. We expect that our systems will be operational no later than Monday, September 20. We apologize for the inconvenience this decision has caused our many members, customers and stakeholders.

The many improvements we have made to our system in the past several months are intact and we will resume our plans to implement the next round of improvements once this issue is resolved.

Any deadlines that would have been effective during this shut down will be extended by the time period of inaccessibility. Messages left on staff voicemail are accessible by staff. We will make every effort to return calls in a prompt manner. Several means of reaching the Code Council remain functional. Please check our temporary website at for updates on this information. Current functional areas include:

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to address this issue. Due to the security breach, this is unfortunately a one-way communication and we are unable to respond to replies to this email.

We will keep you informed as best as possible via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

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