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Log Cabin Home with Dex-O-Tex On It.

Not really a Picture of the Week, but some interesting pictures never the less…

My buddy Dave DiBaggio of Masterseal is doing this job in Orange County…not a typical house that you think you’d see in the OC, but a real log cabin up in the canyons and mountains above Anaheim.

This is the email I got from Dave describing the job…very cool job, very cool home. Call Dave at Masterseal for your next deck coating job in the OC, Dave will “Do It Best” he’s a master and has 20 years experience as an applicator and manufacturer’s rep. 949-355-5031 gets you the master direct, tell him I sent ya!

Hi guys,

This is the 3000 sf Fracture Resistant Membrane System installed for use under spaced wood decking and flagstone on the xxxxxxx Residence in Silverado. They are the ones who pressed for the 10 year warranty.

Metal lath + A-81 basecoat, A-81 sloping, 40 mils Barrier Guard with RPII fabric and Resistite protective coating was used. It was flood tested by the freak deluge last week (Williams Canyon is the next one over) and did not leak.

Flashings were stainless steel with SS nails and primed with AF Bondcoat.

Drains were Thunderbird copper balcony deck drains and tile drains with copper nails. The metal lath was held back to avoid contact with the copper and two plies of Barrier Guard and RPII fabric were installed around the drains for extra protection.

Lexel co-polymer sealant was used at all metal joints. The substrate was 3/4 ich – 1 inch exterior plywood (no OSB).

Plan on coming out to see this one in a few weeks. Its a
$2.5 custom log house type construction job that will make the OC magazines when its finished.